Blazblue Continuum Shift #2

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More general help and stuff like that, if you find fixes for something or have a problem, leave a comment, maybe some helpful chap might scoot along and give you a hand.


1. Extract the bbcs folder
2. Start > run > cmd.exe > press enter
3. Change directory to the bbcs folder (for example, type “cd c:\bbcs” without the quotes and press enter)
4. Configure controls by typing “typex_config.exe” without quotes and pressing enter
5. Run game by typing “typex_loader game.exe” without quotes and pressing enter


Back Ground replacement:
for low end pcs,
BG Replace

I/O Error:
Stop trying to run game.exe by clicking on it, that won’t work. You need to follow the insturctions and run it via command prompt.

Easier loading:
Open a notepad and enter “typex_loader game.exe”
Rename the file extension of the text file to .bat, keep it in the root of BBCS folder. Set a shortcut to it on your desktop and click that.

Tager raaa

Fixing diagonals:
Try disabling 4-way joystick in config or download and use these:

Fixing InitRendered:
Update graphic drivers to latest version, try different pc, cry. ;_;

Graphic errors:
You can get rid of graphics errors by changing you graphics setting in your nvida control pannel or ati catalyst control center

A+B while pressing Start = score attack mode
C+D while pressing Start = sparring mode


Another BB:CS Setup FAQ:


Blazblue Continuum Shift

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Credit to Nogames and hopfully helpful to a few.

How to run windowed:
“Drag all of DXWnd’s files into your blazblue folder, the same one you have game.exe and typex_loader in.
Now, in DXWnd add game.exe to the list with default settings, leave DirectX version to hook as automatic as well. Press ok to save the changes. Now, while leaving the DXWnd window open, launch your bat file and it should run windowed without the IO errors.”

Framerate issues with an nvidia card:
“For nvidia users who have a system that they know should be running this at fullspeed, maybe this will help you.
Go into your nvidia control panel and under 3d Settings choose Adjust image settings with preview.
Select Use my preference emphasizing Balanced, then apply the changes and start the game again. If its still too laggy you can go back and set your settings to emphasize Performance instead, but your game will look like shit. I set mine to balanced and surprisingly all the frame rate drops are gone and it looks decent.”

Torrent here:

Download dxwnd here:

Thank you very much Plat!

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It's like a present!

aw year

Suprise Tuneage

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Pay per view porn channels have some interesting music to play in the background to the advertising stills they set on screen, I sat through the cycle and recorded them with just my cruddy PC mic.
Have a listen to 6 and the best of the lot 4

  1. Xplict XXX
  2. XXX TV
  3. Televison X
  4. Hustler TV UK
  5. Top shelf TV, Spice Extreme
  6. XTSY
  7. Gay TV

Goodness Part #2

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Music Cont.

Perfume“Game” , “The Complete Best”
(Jpop, House, TechnoPop)

LFO“Frequencies” , “Sheath”
(Electronica, Techno) Pending

Starsailor“Love is Here”
(Indie, Alternative)

DJ Yoda“How to Cut and Paste Vol. 1”
(Hip hop, Turntablism)

Frank Sinatara“Songs for Swingin’ Lovers!”
(Big Band, Crooner)

Goodness Part #1

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With more people frequently asking me for recommendations or certain songs recently, I thought I’d compile a list of some of the music I mainly listen to:

Sub Focus –  “Sub Focus”

Chase & Status“More Than Alot”

Logistics“Now More Than Ever”
(Drum&Bass, Chillout)

Ronald Jenkees“Ronald Jenkees” , “Disorganized Fun”
(Hip hop, Electronica, Rock)

Groovetune“Reflection of Systems”
(Chillout, House, Summer Tunes)

Pendulum“Hold Your Colour”

Jack Johnson“In Between Dreams”
(Acoustic, Soft Rock)

Arctic Monkeys“Whatever People Say I Am Thats What I’m Not” , “Favourite Worst Nightmare”
(Indie, Alternative)

DJ Sharpnel“That One”
(Hardrave, Speedcore, OtakuTrance)

DJ Shadow“The Private Press”
(Hip hop, Turntablism)

Aegis Trouble

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The Situation:

When Urien juggles you in the corner with a tackle and cancels into Aegis reflector, he hits you with a cross up knee drop while the reflector hits you from the front to cause an unblockable situation. From there he gets to launch you again, and if he has meter, set up another unblockable which will most likely give him the round.

2nd Impact Aegis

Eatin' an Aegis

Damage Limitation:

There is no way of really getting out of this cleanly, but there is some damage limitation. If you down parry the reflector on wake up, the knee drop will cross you up and hit you high during the low parry. Since both hits happen at the same time, you can only parry one of them, so you get hit by the knee drop. However, since you parried the reflector, that hit is nullified and the knee drop hits you cleanly. The knee drop causes a knock down so you escape being hit by the reflector.
After being knocked down, don’t quick recover. Stay down, and when you get up, even if Urien hits you high or low, the reflector does not stay out long enough for him to continue and launch you again. This is by no means perfect, but you limit the damage by only taking the knee drop, rather than a whole Aegis and a second set of shoulders.

However this only works in the corner. Mid-screen, Urien doesn’t need the knee drop to crack his unblockable out, so you have to guess parry. Urien generally only does stand forward, or low short, so the timing is generally 3 parries and then throw out of the reflector. as tough as that’ll be anyway, you have to guess whether he goes high or low. and further if you escape the mid-screen set up a few times, Urien might smarten up and just throw you into the reflector.

Q and Urien scare lions

This should never happen

Mid-screen unblockables are only really going to happen unless you fucked up enough for it. Corner Aegis however happens much more often. the surefire way of escaping an Aegis setup is prevention, much like against Yun. Locking out all doors of opportunity for their meter gain gets you out of the situation entirely, but if it happens its good to know you don’t have to eat the whole of it.