Fightan Gaems

3rd Strike Ranking Battles

Well we’ve had a good first season! with the current Season 1 Ending soon next week, Season 2 will have a better point system and possibly a prize at the end of it!

Ranking battle #12

The brackets for the 12th Ranking battle

The current top 8:

  1. (54) Cactu
  2. (38) Walkman
  3. (36) Mokou
  4. (30) Sparkster
  5. (28) Al_TheHoly
  6. (18) Hompie
  7. (18) l2ampage
  8. (14) Chimpychomp

3rd Strike Ranbat Season 1 Ends:

    3rd Strike Ranbat Season 2 Starts:

    13th and final Ranbat sign up:

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