Blazblue Continuum Shift


Credit to Nogames and hopfully helpful to a few.

How to run windowed:
“Drag all of DXWnd’s files into your blazblue folder, the same one you have game.exe and typex_loader in.
Now, in DXWnd add game.exe to the list with default settings, leave DirectX version to hook as automatic as well. Press ok to save the changes. Now, while leaving the DXWnd window open, launch your bat file and it should run windowed without the IO errors.”

Framerate issues with an nvidia card:
“For nvidia users who have a system that they know should be running this at fullspeed, maybe this will help you.
Go into your nvidia control panel and under 3d Settings choose Adjust image settings with preview.
Select Use my preference emphasizing Balanced, then apply the changes and start the game again. If its still too laggy you can go back and set your settings to emphasize Performance instead, but your game will look like shit. I set mine to balanced and surprisingly all the frame rate drops are gone and it looks decent.”

Torrent here:

Download dxwnd here:


20 Responses to “Blazblue Continuum Shift”

  1. TE stick user Says:

    Hey, I got the game working great, but I can’t figure out how to get the key config file to recognize my Madcatz TE stick inputs.. It works for anything else on the PC.. Just not this game. Any ideas? Also, I can’t do anything in the main menu (pressing 5 by default) and can only close it (pressing 6) as my only option. Thanks for the great links and hopefully you can help me out with this 😐

    • If you’re not already get xpadder to map the buttons. ps3 TE sticks have a driver problem if you have nforce motherboards or something

      • TE stick user Says:

        Nope, p45 here. And I haven’t been using xpadder forever now.. Kind of wanted to stay away from that option.

  2. test mode always, why?

  3. xyanide1986 Says:

    It’s not even running fullscreen nor windowed using this DXWnd tool, I put it on my D hard-drive as well so what am I doing wrong here?

    • xyanide1986 Says:

      OK Nevermind, I got it to work with this NFO file I found on

      More In-Depth Instructions
      1. extract the bbcs folder (does not have to be D: drive at all)
      2. start > run > cmd.exe > press enter
      3. change directory to the bbcs folder (for example, type “cd c:\bbcs” without the quotes and press enter)
      4. configure controls by typing “typex_config.exe” without quotes and pressing enter
      5. run game by typing “typex_loader game.exe” without quotes and pressing enter

      Last question, would anyone know of a way to work around the cmd? It would be nicer to have some form of shortcut to this. Can you do it with a shortcut/executable setting maybe? I have no idea as I’m not too familiar with it.

  4. Shadowjokerx Says:

    i downloaded the game but file is password protected any1 know the pass ?

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  6. last question.. I have a tekken 5 ps2 stick

    xpadder and joytokey don’t seem to recognize or work for this model.

    I have a ps2 to usb adapter that is recognized by the PC and shows up as a 5axis 19 button device in my game controllers section of Control Panel.

    when I try to do typex config it runs through the options of button selecting extremely fast and chooses button 16 as the option every time..
    I can hit a button and it will see it but not accurately enough to set my keys.

    are there drivers or a better means to get a ps2 stick to work on a PC?

  7. I feel so lucky to find out this great blog. Thank you very much for posting this helpful topic.I really appreciate your work

  8. Great work.I really appreciate your blog .thanks for sharing this post

  9. I made a training mode program with cheat engine

  10. so sorry for the multiple posts I tested my trainer and realized a cheat wasn’t working. I fixed it and reuploaded use this link instead of the one in my previous post.

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