Blazblue Continuum Shift #2

More general help and stuff like that, if you find fixes for something or have a problem, leave a comment, maybe some helpful chap might scoot along and give you a hand.


1. Extract the bbcs folder
2. Start > run > cmd.exe > press enter
3. Change directory to the bbcs folder (for example, type “cd c:\bbcs” without the quotes and press enter)
4. Configure controls by typing “typex_config.exe” without quotes and pressing enter
5. Run game by typing “typex_loader game.exe” without quotes and pressing enter


Back Ground replacement:
for low end pcs,
BG Replace

I/O Error:
Stop trying to run game.exe by clicking on it, that won’t work. You need to follow the insturctions and run it via command prompt.

Easier loading:
Open a notepad and enter “typex_loader game.exe”
Rename the file extension of the text file to .bat, keep it in the root of BBCS folder. Set a shortcut to it on your desktop and click that.

Tager raaa

Fixing diagonals:
Try disabling 4-way joystick in config or download and use these:

Fixing InitRendered:
Update graphic drivers to latest version, try different pc, cry. ;_;

Graphic errors:
You can get rid of graphics errors by changing you graphics setting in your nvida control pannel or ati catalyst control center

A+B while pressing Start = score attack mode
C+D while pressing Start = sparring mode


Another BB:CS Setup FAQ:


27 Responses to “Blazblue Continuum Shift #2”

  1. Lambdadelta Says:

    Hi, I’m tried hooking up my bat file to steam ( and i get an I/O error when i do this. however without steam my game runs fine

  2. xyanide1986 Says:

    Many thanks for this post, game runs perfectly and the .bat shortcutting is a great help.

    The only thing bothering me are these strange fps hickups in the menus, it all runs perfectly smooth but it seems to pause every 2 seconds or so for a few frames.

  3. try turning off vsync

  4. The game works great for me, except the intro video, which crashes it. Any suggestions?

  5. for some reason after i run the typex_config and then run the game when i press my control pad the game crashes and all i wanted was to have it in low res screen any solutions?

  6. AzureDemon Says:

    Someone pelase explain me how to use xpadder…I hav eno diagonals in my game :S

  7. Thanks for this, finally got to play BlazBlue yesterday for the first time, living in europe with no arcades around and just a 360 (with its crap region locks) sucks hard in regards to this game…

    But now i have a problem, yesterday it worked like a charm with some minor lags in the menu at the beginning (and my pc was running 3 days nonstop before that). But today after turning on my pc it lags almost every second, unplayable. Tried the bg replacements and other tweaks, different setups, lowres, other controllers… but the lag remains. Only the movie intro ran perfectly.

    Hope someone can help ? ^^

  8. Is there any other way to fixing the InitRendered error because even with updated drivers i still get the error

  9. Any idea for graphic errors on ATi cards like this little transparent box?:

    I tried the Antialiasing OFF trick used in NVIDIA cards and moving things in the Catalyst Control Center, but no luck here. The game runs perfect, though, but I would like to know if there’s a possible fix for this.

    Win 7 x64
    Athlon 64 X2 520’+ 2.7Ghz
    HD 4830

    Any help? Thanks in advance ^^

  10. Same problem as ArturoWarE… I dont get what’s causing the transparent boxes.

    Winxp SP2
    e7300 @ 2.66 ghz
    GTS 250

    for people who are experiencing white boxes on their screen… go to your Nvidia Control panel and disable the filters you have on… try to set it to OPen GL as well..
    hope it works for you guys :). If ATI users have the same options, maybe it’ll work for em too

    • DUDE!!! Thanks for this!! I don’t need to use the BG Replace for this to work anymore!! I can enjoy the BG’s now! You are the man

  12. koalabear Says:

    So i got this game to work pretty much flawlessly on my computer, except for 1 minor detail. Jins frostbite doesn’t have any freeze graphic. I though that this was a global problem since i’ve seen some people playing this on youtube and they also had this glitch. But when we tried it on my friends super crappy computer who couldn’t even run the game at 60 fps = unplayable, this graphic glitch wasn’t there. I’ve tried everything, but i cant get it to work. I have a Radeon 5850 and i don’t notice any difference when i run it in opengl.

    • I have the exact same problem and its driving me bananas dude, it makes no sense I have an ati radeon hd 5600.

      I’ve tried every setting and I have the newest drivers..
      im thinking its an ati problem

  13. andychin777 Says:

    Hi, i have a question, i have changed my settings for nvidia, to have all filters off, but i still get that black box in top left corner. Im running directx and not OpenGL, so i am unable to change the settings for the Nvidia control panel to openGL , as it doesnt exist.
    I have looked around on the web, and i still have no idea how to implement OpenGL,
    Got any Ideas?

  14. After almost every versus match when the defeated player continues the game which causes the “Here comes a new challenger!” event, my game crashes which forces me to restart it. Anyone experience similar issues or know what’s wrong?

  15. OMG this is just epic !!
    I downloaded it and it works great and smooth but the game is pretty slowed down 😦
    I think my PCs specs just aren’t good enough. I already tried changing the background and it helped tons but there is still lag. Game seems to be 20% slower. Is there anything else i can do to speed up the performance ?

  16. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

  17. Hey Guys. I am here to verify the fix for BlazBlue’s PC diagonals problem. I used JoytoKey with my SSF4 tourney arcade stick and it is perfect. All of my Guilty Gear’esque moves come out perfectly. There is no lag with JoytoKey for me Either. I have a HDX18t, it’s crappy but runs this perfectly.

  18. Can you reupload bgreplace because the older link is dead.

  19. Can anyone upload bgreplace please, because I can’t find it in evry blazblue sites…

    Please help me.

  20. Can anyone reupload bgreplace please, because I can’t find it in evry BlazBlue sites. Please….

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